Frequently Asked Questions

Use of RestoreX with Xiaflex is a discussion you should have with your physician. Mayo Clinic completed a clinical trial with RestoreX and Xiaflex to determine if RestoreX would be helpful in reducing the curvature associated with Peyronie's disease. The study demonstrated that with the use of RestoreX, the average reduction in curvature of approximately 20º using Xiaflex alone increased to 34º when using RestoreX during the cycles of Xiaflex injections. Please note: Xiaflex is a registered trademark of Endopharmaceuticals
At the current time, insurance companies and Medicare do not have specific coverage for the RestoreX penile traction therapy device. Depending on your plan, however, you may qualify for coverage. Many men are receiving partial coverage for the RestoreX device. You can either call your insurance company in advance of ordering to determine your coverage level or you can submit a claim after you purchase RestoreX. We recommend you submit a prescription from your Doctor as well as a letter from him/her stating why you need the RestoreX device. Finally, you should submit your invoice or order confirmation email as proof of payment. If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) you can use funds from either of these accounts to cover the cost of RestoreX. It may not be necessary for your plan but we recommend getting a physician prescription to submit to your FSA or HSA.
No, you can order on-line. RestoreX is an over-the-counter device for at-home use.
RestoreX does not offer financing. RestoreX accepts payments from most major credit cards, as well as PayPal, PayPal Credit, PayPal Pay Later ( PayPal Pay in 4 ), and Venmo. Please refer to your credit card provider, PayPal, and Venmo for payment options, schedules, and terms.
No. There is no benefit to using the device for more than 1 hour daily. This was confirmed in a clinical trial completed at Mayo Clinic using the RestoreX device in men with PD.
Maybe. In the clinical trial performed at Mayo Clinic, men who used the device for 12 additional weeks (24 in total) experienced some additional improvement in regaining lost length. The preliminary data is only suggestive and not a definitive recommendation.
RestoreX clinical trial indicated curve correction is likely permanent but if you see symptoms returning, use of RestoreX for 1-2, 30-minutes per week will help maintain results. For lengthening, it is likely that 1-2, 30-minute treatments per week are necessary to maintain results.
Many physicians believe a traction therapy device like RestoreX can treat congenital deformities. PathRight Medical, however, cannot recommend the use of RestoreX since no clinical study has been performed for use in this group of patients. We recommend contacting your physician to discuss the benefits of traction therapy for this indication.
Yes, the RestoreX device can be used by uncircumcised men.  To use, retract the foreskin and use some of the provided self-adherent wrap to keep the skin retracted during use.
RestoreX utilizes several unique and patented technologies which improve the effectiveness of the traction therapy. These changes overcome many of the limitations of other devices and provide for continuous and targeted traction at safe and effective levels. The RestoreX “traction zone” provides user feedback to tell if therapeutic levels of traction are being delivered. If the white bands appear during use, the user can easily advance the device without removing it to stay within the acceptable treatment “zone.” In addition, RestoreX utilizes a patented, opposite angular force to provide targeted traction to the disease site. The counter-bending force is delivered during the second half of the treatment time. Clinical trial results have confirmed the importance of this counter-bending force in achieving improvements in curvature. Finally, RestoreX has a proprietary pelvic ring and penile clamp that disperse forces over a broader area. This is important because it allows the user to apply traction forces comfortably while reducing the potential for injury. RestoreX is the only device that has been clinically tested and proven using a randomized, controlled study design. Similarly, the clinical studies with RestoreX have shown the above improvements in men using the device for 60 minutes daily for 12 weeks. No other traction devices have shown similar improvements with such short treatment times.