RestoreX for Lengthening Post-Prostatectomy

  • RestoreX | Penile Traction Therapy Device


An easy-to-use solution to maintain penile length after Prostatectomy

  • Developed in cooperation with Mayo Clinic
  • Results in just 2, 30-minute treatments per day for 5 months*
  • Start treatment sessions 1 month after surgery
  • On average, men using RestoreX gained 2cm in length*
  • Erectile function only declined 4 points while men that did not use RestoreX (control group) lost 8 points, on average, due to their surgery*
  • 89% of men in the study would recommend to a friend to use RestoreX after a prostatectomy
  • Invented by a Urologist specializing in Men’s Sexual Health
  • Proprietary technologies include Optimized Traction Zone
  • Designed, manufactured and serviced in the USA
  • 12-month limited-warranty
  • FSA/HSA eligible with prescription
  • Free Ground Shipping in discreet packaging

RestoreX is the only penile traction therapy device to conduct a clinical trial in the US for lengthening in men post-prostatectomy.

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  • RestoreX | Penile Traction Therapy Device


* Preliminary, unpublished data from clinical trial in process at Mayo Clinic. Preliminary results presented at the American Society of Andrology meeting, ASA, in April, 2019.